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Monitor. Diagnose. Fix.

End to End AI-Powered Monitoring and Resolution

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See Another Dimension of Data

The First and Only Multi-Dimensional Monitoring Solution

  • Your agents automatically begin monitoring your infrastructure and applications with zero configuration
  • Create custom and automated alerts
  • See detailed graphs of over 1000 metrics and combine with state data for unmatchable dashboards
  • View snapshots to understand how the state of your hosts change over time

Learn about Monitoring

Virtyx monitoring dashboard

Diagnose with Confidence

Osquery is built into Virtyx

  • Stop guessing! Use prebuilt queries or write your own to gain deep understanding of your entire fleet of machines
  • Correlate issues with changes in the hosts state
  • Quickly tie together related metrics to understand the scope of an issue and understand the root cause

Learn about Diganose

Use Osquery (built into Virtyx) to uncover latent issues

Fix it Instantly

Resolve problems with one button click

  • Use a library of tested and verified fixes for common issues to automatically resolve an issue. You can even use a shell straight from the browser to fix the hardest of issues.
  • When you use the browser shell, Virtyx remembers what you do. These fixes are automatically displayed the next time this issue is encountered and your fix can be done again with one click.

Learn about Resolve

Virtyx provides a full shell right in your browser.

Hear what our customers are saying…

“Five times out of six, when there’s a problem on our infrastructure, we first learn about it from an email from Virtyx.”

“Virtyx has revolutionized the way we monitor and maintain servers.”

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If you manage computers or servers, Virtyx can make your life easier.
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