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Can you see what I see? Well... not really.

By Jim Maniscalco • March 16, 2017

This is an all too common exchange between IT/network support and end users accessing applications and services over the Internet. It just so happens to define the very essence of Virtyx!

The Internet is now a vital utility, and as more and more people and things (IoT) are connected, areas such as predictable performance and IT security will become both more important and more difficult to understand and manage because the principles and architectures of network reachability have changed.

In the early days of the Internet the End-to-End argument ruled and mid-boxes such as Proxies, NAT, Load Balancers and Firewalls were viewed as creating a broken network. Today these mid-boxes are now required elements in most networks; firewalls at the perimeters of enterprise networks and load balancers, proxies, CDNs in front of Internet Cloud Scale applications.

So what do these mid boxes mean for the management and troubleshooting of End User Experience problems?

It use to be that the network had transitivity: meaning that if Computer A could communicate with B and Computer B could communicate with C then A could communicate with C. This is no longer the case. The mid-boxes are starting to block and control different communications patterns from different source addresses in the network.

Just because the network management system can communicate with an application does not mean that an End-User can communicate with the same application. On the Internet, with Content Distribution Networks (CDNs) and Global Load Balancing via DNS changes, the End-User might not even be communicating to the same data center. Full stop.

What does this mean for network monitoring and management?

It means that you need to monitor the network and applications from exactly the same the network view of the End Users. If you want to provide the best performance for your End Users, It is no longer sufficient to monitor the network from specific centralized management systems.

The monitoring of the network must be from the end users perspective. If it is not working for the user, it is not working.

We live this world so we hope you follow us to figure out what End User Network Monitoring can do to improve operations and performance.

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