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Detecting and Fixing High Disk Usage with Virtyx

By Ethan Mick • February 23, 2018

It’s a well-known fact that computers do strange things when they are very low on disk space, and even stranger things when they run completely out. For mission-critical infrastructure, it’s important to quickly detect and be able to fix issues which arise due to disk space starvation.

Even with increasing prevalence of self-healing infrastructure, there is the frequent need to monitor specific metrics (such as used disk space) on certain hosts and take action when problems arise.

In our own infrastructure, we have a Jenkins server that builds Maven artifacts from our CI jobs. After building many artifacts over some period of time, the Maven repository on the Jenkins server becomes very large, and our Jenkins server starts running low on disk space.

With a Virtyx agent deployed to the Jenkins server, we can easily keep an eye on the available disk space and get alerts when the free space becomes dangerously low. Furthermore, with the Virtyx shell, we can easily gain access to a shell session right from our dashboard and get in and remove old Maven artifacts to free up space.

There are a few other culprits of full disks. Log files are not always correctly rotated, eventually resulting in slow or non-functional servers or desktops. Perhaps you’ve downloaded many npm packages and have an enormous node_modules directory. Or your disk is full of old Docker images that you need to get rid of.

Deploying the Virtyx agent to your critical infrastructure can help you detect, investigate, and resolve issues as they arise. Get started by signing up for a free Virtyx account now.

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