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MSP: Opportunity or Risk?

By Jim Maniscalco • March 8, 2018

For our Managed Service Provider customers in particular, we are discovering that the market shift to the cloud is a pretty serious change to their business and support model. Rapid client adoption of SaaS, cost effectiveness and management of public cloud servers are all major changes from the traditional desktop and server support cost model that helped MSPs build their businesses. These new support requirements and the ability to successfully implement them are now becoming primary drivers that new and existing customers are using to decide who gets the next support contract in a new cloud-first world. MSPs need to be prepared with the skills and platforms to manage in a world of SaaS and cloud where they may not own, or even manage, a large portion of the cloud hardware and software. Yet one thing has not changed for MSPs – they are most definitely on the hook for the same SLA customer support levels. It is a time of opportunity, but also great risk for MSPs.

At Virtyx we dialed into that world, delivering an entirely new way for MSPs and enterprise IT to support the changing landscape. A simple, highly aware, cloud monitoring platform that actually integrates monitoring with a powerful query language to easily investigate and troubleshoot issues (think Google to troubleshoot desktops, servers, apps) and a full command line shell to fix what is broken. The continuous nature of the cloud requires monitoring to go to another level where the alarms and alerts become the AI context engine to understand, isolate, and automatically fix problems; yes, fix problems. MSPs are starting to think about how they go beyond a tools strategy as they enter a cloud-first market that is very different and comes with an entirely new set of operational and support challenges.

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