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Role-Based Security Arrives in Virtyx

By Ben Burwell • September 13, 2018

Our customers rely on Virtyx to provide them access to critical systems whenever (and from wherever) they need it. With the power that Virtyx provides, many of our customers have requested a way to limit access to sensitive parts of their infrastructure to a subset of their Virtyx users.

To fulfill this need, we’re excited to have just deployed a flexible mechanism for granting access to specific functionality through role-based access control. When you log into Virtyx and go to the Team page, you’ll notice that there is a new “Roles” tab. To get you started, we’ve created an Owner role that has access to the entire Virtyx system and added it to all of your existing users. If you want to keep using Virtyx the same way you have been with all users having access to your entire organization, you don’t need to do anything at all. If you’d like to learn about configuring more granular access, read on!

Roles in Virtyx can do two things. They can grant access to system-wide features, like the ability to create new scripts, and they can grant access to features on specific groups of agents, such as the ability to access a shell session. When you create a new role, you can configure which system-wide features and which agent-specific features you want the role to grant access to. Next, you’ll need to grant your role to users.

Permissions in Virtyx are strictly additive; if you give a user two roles and one of them grants access to your API servers and another role grants access to your fleet of desktops, then that user will be able to access both your API servers and your desktops.

There are two permissions that deserve a special mention: “manage all agents” and “manage users.” The default Owner role grants both of these permissions. When you add the “manage all agents” permission to a role, users who have the role will be granted full access to all agents in your organization, regardless of whether they’ve also been granted access to any specific groups. The “manage users” permission does pretty much what it sounds like; users who have been granted roles with this permission will be able to invite new users and manage access for existing users. It’s important to note that anyone who has the “manage users” also have access to grant themselves any other permission.

We’re excited to hear what you think about this new feature! You can send email to, or find us on Twitter @virtyx_inc.

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