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Virtyx - One of a million downloads of TimescaleDB

By Jim Maniscalco • September 14, 2018

Collecting large amounts of data to cast a monitoring net across servers, desktops and laptops requires a robust and scalable database architecture. The September 12th 1.0 release candidate announcement from TimescaleDB is heartily welcomed by Virtyx!

We have been using Timescale in the Virtyx Cloud for the last year and the performance, reliability, and scale has met every expectation of our engineers and the demanding analytic requirements of Virtyx customers.

For Virtyx, collecting atomic data from our cloud agents on fleets of machines required a backend that can ingest, analyze and graph data on a massive scale. The ability to power Virtyx with a time series architecture that runs on top of PostgreSQL is an advantage that makes TimeseriesDB the choice for next generation monitoring solutions.

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