Diagnose with Confidence

Quickly and efficiently discover the root issue

Get to the root issue faster. Query every machine like a database to investigate and troubleshoot.

Installing the Virtyx agent across your fleet enables hassle-free queries.

Easily discover and understand the state of every machine.

Using query packs built into Virtyx, you can hunt down Indicators of Compromise, track application versions, and ensure security policy compliance.

What’s more, you can correlate your findings with data from our built-in integrated monitoring.


osquery> SELECT name, path, pid FROM processes WHERE on_disk = 0;


osquery> SELECT rssi, transmit_rate FROM wifi_status;


osquery> SELECT name FROM disk_encryption WHERE encrypted = 0;

Hundreds of Diagnostic Scripts

Virtyx comes with hundreds of diagnostic scripts to quickly gather data from the state of your systems.

Analyse the results and discover discrepencies and pinpoint issues

Use scripts to then fix the problem.

Detailed history

By taking snapshots of your machines’ configurations, Virtyx makes it easy to consult historical states and to detect changes.

New Virus?

Learn when the IoC was first spotted and whether it has spread.

Disk encryption disabled?

Find out what material may have been compromised.

Need an alarm?

Be alerted when a machine deviates from its expected state.

Osquery is built into Virtyx

Deploying the power of Osquery across your infrastructure has never been easier.

By simply deploying the Virtyx agent and no additional software, you immediately get the benefit of Osquery in a simple but powerful dashboard.

Start using Virtyx today.

If you manage computers or servers, Virtyx can make your life easier.