Enrich Your Monitoring

Automatically collect critical metrics and host facts

Unmatched Monitoring for Unparalleled Power

Data Go beyond just metrics
Access to more of the right data
Scale for balancing risk Mitigate Risk
Understand what's happening during crises
Money back Money Back
Virtyx gives you more data at a lower cost

More Metrics, Easier

The Virtyx Agent collects thousands of metrics automatically about your infrastructure and applications.

Most applications are automatically detected and monitored. Any configuration that needs to be added can be done with a click of a button. Manual configuration is supported as well and can be done from the Virtyx cloud shell.

StatsD and Prometheus metrics are also collected.

Enter the Next Dimension

Only the Virtyx Agent collects thousands of additional data points about the host's state (e.g. hostname, installed applications, encryption status, & logged in users). Not only can you query this information in realtime, but you can see it historically too.

This third dimension of data lets you correlate activity on the host with issues that are occuring so you can diagnose with confidence.

Dashboard Visibility

A realtime dashboard delivers the insights you need to measure the health of your operations.

Virtyx monitoring dashboard

Alarm Notification

With Virtyx you will automatically be notified when there is an important change in the metrics that measure the performance of your infrastructure. You will be the first to know when critical IT and infrastructure issues impact your operations.

Virtyx alarm

Incident Monitoring

Whenever an alarm or error is detected within Virtyx it automatically correlates historical and new information related to that incident. Virtyx records everything about that incident and presents operators with actual fixes to the errors.

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